A message of thanks to the outgoing President

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I would like to spend a few minutes thanking you for making America stronger and safer than it has ever been.

Thank you for the affordable healthcare Act. It makes it so easy to get your tax return; I was allowed to keep my current healthcare plan; and it is very affordable at $940 a month for my family of five...much better than the $360 a month I was paying to Blue Cross/Blue Shield before.

I write you knowing that I have no need for a firearm; and even in the inner city of Chicago, a young man or woman can walk safely through its streets day or night with no worries of becoming a statistic or brutally murdered.

I want to thank you for standing firm on the fact that a smaller army is a more effective army.
Thanks for keeping true to your words of a complete Guantanamo Bay closure and a complete pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. None of us are left at either theater, and almost 100% of the terrorists once held in Cuba are now free.

Our relationship with Russia has never been stronger! Putin and the motherland are seeing eye to eye with us just like back in the early 60's.

I am proud to be an American in these times of open freedom of speech, and it's good to know that I can stand together with like minded people and burn down city blocks, and loot stores without any fear of repercussion.

Thank you for finding and brokering Bowe Bergdahl's release. He was a fine American and a faithful patriot. Many good men were lost in his search, and it's only fitting that he be returned to the land that he so loyally protected.

Thank you for standing up to the US Army and commuting Bradley Manning's sentence from Leavenworth. There is no reason such a fine transgender soldier be held against their will...for simply watching out for America and releasing classified documents that we really wanted to read anyway.

Thank you for making it easier on our law enforcement to do their job. Never since the 20's has it been safer to be a police officer. I actually think it's the best it's ever been. We should actually rethink the need for police departments nation-wide.

I want to give a special thank you to your "executive pen".  Nothing says, "fuck the other branches of government" like writing your own agendas into law. Damn what the constituents and voters think. this is "my" shit!

Thank you for taking away our 6.4-8.1% yearly cost of living raises for the military and replacing them with 1.4-2.4% ones. That makes it much easier on the tax payer, and reminds us as service men and women that we are patriots... we don't "do it for the money".

Thank you for finding and taking out Bin Laden, then opening the borders to middle eastern refugees...and assuring them that we will take care of them better than we do our own vets and citizens.

I want to thank you for the past eight years, and everything that has been done in it. Thank you for insuring that you can go away and never run for the office of POTUS again.

Thank you for making it easy for us to forget you quicker than any other president in our lifetime.

You had a chance to prove yourself as a great President and leader, but instead you showed us and the world how not to be just that.

Thank you for proving that you only need three things to be a nation: borders, currency and government...and that you attempted to destroy all three.  But we are still here.

And you will soon be gone from office.

Almost every American.

a-sarnt-rob-bio-pic.jpgJason Robinson a.k.a Sar'nt Rob is a retired infantryman who served in Afghanistan 06/07 and 10/11 and Iraq in 07/09. He divides his time as a civilian working a thankless job, parenting 5 awesome kids from 8-27 years old, pissing off his beautiful wife, and missing his Infantry brothers. He calls Northern Virginia home....for now.

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