Photos of the Commander In Chief and VA Secretary installed, then removed from West Palm Beach VA Hospital

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(photo of Congressman Mast courtesy of veteran Clint Scherb)

Gruntworks Mobile Command Center:

Yesterday at 0930 Eastern Time Congressman Brian Mast and the HQ element from Gruntworks paid a visit to the West Palm Beach VA Hospital.

The visit stemmed from a veteran's Facebook post that he noticed that President Trump's photo was not in the proper spot where the Command in Chief photo should be. The Veteran asked a VA employee about the issue and was dismissed with a "not my president" as a response.  This post drew the attention of Congressman Brian Mast, the Representative to Florida's 18th Congressional District in the US House of Representatives.

Congressman Mast showed up with the President's official photo ready to go. As he walked to hang it up he was heard saying "Who would have thought I was an interior decorator too" No violence, no protests, no traffic blocked. The Congressman and Gruntworks walked in and respectfully executed the mission and place the President's photo in the rightful spot.  Chop, owner of Gruntworks, made a statement on the first live video that rings true, "We are a nation of laws, you have to follow the laws and pay attention to the laws"

Congressman Mast had a few words at the end of his visit. He extolled the virtue of listening and paying it forward. You pay it forward and that person will want to pay it forward on down the line.

Update:  A few hours later, the photos were removed.  A spokesperson for the VA told us that they were removed because they "couldn't verify that they were the official photos."  It was also stated that the VA was upset about video footage of the event, although the rules state that video and photography is permitted for news purposes (in certain areas, to include the lobby, which is where the footage was taken).  Congressman Mast was informed of developments and the local FOX affiliate published a story, which can be found on our Facebook feed today.  The reporter stated at the end of the story "This is not over..." and indeed it is not.  Follow us for continuing developments on this story.

Community level stuff people. You change the dialogue of the nation one community at a time. Our communities we live in and our veteran community are what drive the nation forward. Work there to improve.

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