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Support the troops ribbons, license plates and the like.

Driving around in a lifted Jeep with crossed rifles and Purple Heart plates, with 2A and M4 bolt face stickers it's easy to tell a veteran is behind the wheel or possibly slumped over in the passenger seat.
However it doesn't stop me from getting cut off, or honked at and flipped off by Douchefag's with "support the troops" ribbons on their Lexus' and BMW's.

Am I the only one that gets sickened when I see this?
Am I the only one on America's road ways, with a churning stomach knowing that not one red cent of the money spent on those ribbons goes to help vets?
Am I the only one pissed off that some "non" American born fucker, probably sold that Chinese made magnet to this douchebag.....and everyone made money on that cheap, hollow, yellow magnet except that vet that just got cut off, while a middle finger was thrown out the window?

Any veteran worth his weight in salt, feels weird when someone says "thank you for your service"
Thank me?
For seeing shit I can't unsee....
Doing shit that was mortal as fuck and can't be undone.....
Watching my buddies die.....
Wondering if I would see my family and daughters and sons again....

I simply say "thank you for your support"
And pop smoke and move out.
No matter how many times I hear it.....it doesn't get any easier.
I appreciate the support, don't get me wrong.
But it takes us to a place that more times than not we don't like to remember.
The missed birthdays, and holidays.
The loss of friends, leaders and peers.
The shitty chow.
The lack of comfort.

But that damn magnet.
It mocks me, on the back of that Lexus, with the personalized license plate.
It's screams at me...

Move over asshole. My life and places I need to be are more important than yours.

Your safety and mission mean shit.
Fuck you bro.
Your Jeep is slow and I am Mr. important.
You couldn't possibly wrap your mind around how much I matter to society compared to your worthless existence.

Not every person that has the magnet acts like this.
If you are not guilty of this type of behavior, my hat is off to you.

But if you are like this yuppie douche, please take heed.

We see you.
You are probably capable of buying us and selling us many times over.
You might even whip our ass, with your 5 days a week Crossfit body, because we are old and slow, with bad knees and backs.
Shrapnel filled bodies and worn out torso's.
You damn sure are better looking than we are....with our leathery faces, covered with freedom beards, and long greasy hair.
The wrinkles of age and scars of war cover us, and the black circles under our crow footed eyes never go away.... from the long weeks away, battle stress and dust and late night patrols.

But your life is worth no more than ours.
And you can feel free to take that magnet off and throw it away. Or shove it straight up your own ass, sideways.
Because if your actions are echoes of your support...we don't fucking want it.

If you know someone with those magnets on their car....share this with them.

I know you vets don't have one...
But I do see that "Functional Vet" sticker.

And I smile as he uses his blinker and throws me a peace sign through the mirror or windshield.

Fellow vet there, on his way home to see his family.....

Still trying to make up for all those lost deployment months.

Hooah brother.


Jason Robinson a.k.a Sar'nt Rob is a retired infantryman who served in Afghanistan 06/07 and 10/11 and Iraq in 07/09. He divides his time as a civilian working a thankless job, parenting 5 awesome kids from 8-27 years old, pissing off his beautiful wife, and missing his Infantry brothers. He calls Northern Virginia home....for now.

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