Weekend Safety Brief - 4/7

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Alright, horseshoe up - you know the drill.

Meach - take a knee. I want you to pay attention.

This week has been a doozy. Lots going on. What is on my mind right now is that after 15 years of war, and we have been trashing goat fuckers like non one's business - things may have just changed in a big way.

Last night things moved in a new direction. Apparently Assad decided to dust off Saddam's sarin and drop it on a city full of Hajjis - and ended up killing mostly civilians, including a bunch of kids.

So the CinC decided it was time to dust off our TLAMs and told the Navy to target one of Assad's airfields. Meanwhile he called Vlad and told him to get his people under hard cover.

Now Vlad has sortied the frigate Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494 toward the USS Ross and USS Porter - the ships that launched the TLAMs. This ain't looking good.

The reason I am telling you this is to give you a heads up. I ain't cancelling passes - but you are limited to 50 miles - and keep your cell phone charged and the ringer on... just in case.

On that topic, none of you fuckers get any bright ideas about any of these retroactive "C" or god forbid an "R" device on your chest salad - that shit isn't gonna fly with the Old Man. Just be happy with your EOT AAM - and be glad you didn't get a purple Enemy Marksmanship Badge.

Make sure your kit, as well as your A and B bags are good to go.

That all being said, enjoy yourself, but don't get blind drunk - there may be a recall.

Roll in fire teams.

No man left behind.

Don't fuck your buddy.

Don't fuck your buddy"s dog - I'm looking at you Meach!

Stay away from those bastard MPs.

Don't do drugs or drive drunk or I will put you on KP in the Sand Hill DFAC with a Round Brown to supervise you.

SSG Rob, tell Porsche and Cinnamon hello for SGT P - he is on leave...

The rest of you shitbirds, don't fall into the same trap as those two degenerates, those strippers DO NOT LOVE YOU!

Now y'all GTFO before I remember what details the Sergeant Major wants done this weekend.